Niche IoT Solutions

Arteko Electronics SA de CV is a mexican company founded in 2009 that designs, develops and manufactures electronic systems and devices for Niche IoT markets.

It offer design and consulting services for other companies and markets its own line of IoT solutions in the International Market.

Products and Solutions

Make your Air Conditioner Smart

Cuby is a low cost device that connects to the Internet using a WiFi network and controls the A/C by sending infrared signals.

With Cuby it is possible to control the A/C using a Smartphone or voice from anywhere in the world, schedule on/off times, automate with rules, monitor temperature, humidity and usage remotelly, view graphs, receive notifications to your phone and more.


Remote Monitoring System

Zensei One is a low cost and high performance solution that uses wireless sensors to measure different parameters which are stores in the cloud and then presented to the user in a simple yet powerful interface.

It can send real time notifications and alerts to the user, has an open API for third party integrations, displays the data in clear graphs and tablets which can also be downloaded for further processing.

Some Applications



Cold Chain, Convenience Stores, Restaurants

Hotels, Schools and Offices

Medical Laboratories


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